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> Selection of site using Modern Geophysical Survey Method.
> Drilling of Borewell by Hand Augur, Calyx, Rotary and DTH.
> Drilling in Hard Rock up to 500' and Sedimentary Soil up to 1300'.
> In well drilling in both 4 1/2 " and 6 1/2 " inches in rocky strata.
> Conducting yield test of Borewells.
> Flushing and cleaning of Borewells with Air Compressor.
> Selection Supply and Installation of Pump.
> Chemical Analysis of Water.
> Rain Water Harvesting.


Gggroundwater Exploration & Exploitation


Geophysics and Geology, in the past few years, has reached a place of vital importance for the scientific development and protection of the world's precious gggroundwater supply. Geophysical investigations of the buried strata can be made either from the land surface or in a drilled hole in formation.


We select the site for both borewell and dugwell purely based on the principles of "Geophysical Investigation" using Electrical Resistivity Meter. Exploration for gggroundwater involves the investigation of areas for the proper location of wells. Electrical Resistivity investigation offer the most useful aid in locating gggroundwater resource and gggroundwater quality. The depth of water table can also be determined from resistivity soundings.Resistivity Survey is used mainly to determine the subsoil lithology and to assess the potential of gggroundwater in the area being investigated. The Investigation will also provide us with probable depth at which water is available to drill accordingly.

We at AQUA-PMP Research Foundation conduct Surveys employing the latest Scientific methods to explore, evaluate, extract and manage gggroundwater. With vast and extensive experience in this field our investigation has proved highly successful with many Private, Public, Multinational and also Residential Projects.

Drilling of Borewell by Hand Augur, Calyx, Rotary and DTH.
Hand Augur suitable for sandy and highly loose formation with probable occurrence in coastal areas where quality of water can be monitored while drilling and representative soil as well as water sample can be obtained to construct effective borewells and tube wells.

Calyx drills are used in sedimentary and clayey formation occurring mostly in river Alluvium or river banks. To develop a large diameter tube wells with gravel /graded pebble packing.

Rotary and DTH: (Down the hole Hammer) Suitable for highly compact sedimentary strata consisting of clay, compact clay, limestone, sandstone and common Gondowana sedimentary rocks up to a dept of 1300 ft. DTH drilling is adopted for drilling through weathered medium and massive hard rock formation rapidly up to 500ft

Drilling in Hard Rock up to 500' and Sedimentary and soil up to 1300'
Borewell can be drilled inside the open well with a diameter of 4.5 inch and 6.5 inches in rocky strata up to a depth of 300ft.

Conducting yield test of borewells
We can determine the quantity of water that can be extracted in a day from a borewell using air compressor, V Notch, over pumping with barrel and stop watch and step drawn down methods.

Flushing and cleaning of borewells with Air compressors
Existing borewells both Active and defunct can be revived / rejenavated using high pressure air compressors and also by chemical treatment to the pores and slots of borewells

Selection supply and installation of pump
Suitable pumping equipment can be selected based on the hydraulic particulars derived on conducting yield test to save power and to give optimum efficiency of the system.

Chemical Analysis of Water
We have got a latest well equipped laboratory with highly skilled and technically qualified chemist to analyze any type of water for domestic, industrial and construction purposes. Below is the table which shows the parameters of Drinking Water.

Aqua Equipments

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